Excel - 2007 Worksheet, Hidden Columns, .CSV Format Saves Hidden Column Da

Asked By Tamm on 02-Apr-09 02:27 PM
In 2003 Excel, I could hide columns in a worksheet, save the worksheet as a
.csv and the hidden columns/data did not convert to the .csv file (which is
what I want).  In 2007 Excel, I have hidden columns and save the worksheet as
a .csv and the hidden columns/data get converted over, too.  Is there
something I can do about this?  I don't want the data from the hidden columns
converting to the .csv.

to_sAAheelo replied on 02-Apr-09 02:42 PM
I tried with Excel 2003 and 2007 both... both saved the hidden column too.

F5->Special->Select Visible cells only
Copy and paste to another sheet and save that sheet as CSV
Tamm replied on 02-Apr-09 02:44 PM
I am wondering if there is some sort of setting, then, in 2003 that did this
for me and if there is an equivalent setting in 2007.
to_sAAheelo replied on 02-Apr-09 06:40 PM
Are you sure you could do this in Excel 2003?

Pl. post your question again as I do not know of any setting which will
achieve what you want...