Excel - Opening a excel file to a specific worksheet.

Asked By istanley24 on 09-Sep-09 05:13 AM
I have an excel file that contains a number of different sheets.  The file is
called phonelist.xls.  One of the sheets is called SALES, and another is
called H/O (there are about 8 sheets in the workbook in total, but I will use
these as my examples).

The workbook does not display the sheets, so that only the work sheet that
is required is shown

I have links set up on my intranet that go to each sheet by using shorcuts.

For the Sales sheet I use c:\lists\phonelist.xls#SALES
And for the H/O one I use c:\lists\phonelist.xls#H/O

This works fine in Excel 2003, but it does not work in Excel 2007.

Can anyone help with getting this to work in Excel 2007, or give me another
method of doing this?

Kind Regards.


Dan DeHaven replied on 10-Sep-09 02:30 AM
This first thing that pops out at me is that if you have saved this
workbook in the new Excel 2007 format then the file extension is no
longer ".xls" and it is now ".xlsx". If you did not know, Excel (and all
Office 2007 programs) now have all new 4-digit file extensions.

If that is not the case, sorry.

Hope it all works out for you.


istanley24;481618 Wrote:

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istanley24 replied on 10-Sep-09 03:52 AM
Thanks for the reply.

The file is created by someone who still uses Office 2003, but I have also
created a xlsx file (and edited the links to see the new file) but it still
only opens up to the last sheet accessed, not the one indicated in the link