Excel - delete only visible rows in filter mode

Asked By ajezmohd on 29-Sep-09 07:37 AM
I use filter for a range of data but when I try to delete some visible rows (
while in filter mode ) it also delete unvisible rows
Im using Excel 2007 with Vista

Ms-Exl-Learner replied on 29-Sep-09 07:46 AM
I am also faced this problem, in that case I used to delete the 500 rows
first and another 500 rows next like that???  If I delete the whole unwanted
rows at a single time when it is in filter then it is getting deleted.

PhilosophersSage replied on 29-Sep-09 08:38 AM
The only work around I have found for this is using sort rather then filter;
however, sometimes this requires adding extra columns to allow you to return
your spreadsheet to origonal sorting.
Geoff B replied on 29-Sep-09 09:01 AM
This was easy under the old versions of office, you just had to add the
command button 'View Visible Cells' to any toolbar and click this once you
had highlighted the cells you wanted to copy or delete; but in 2007 you need
to do the following

Highlight the cells you want to copy.  From the 'Home' tab you need to go to
the 'Editing' group , click on 'Find and Select' then click on 'Go To
Special'.  In the dialog box that opens you need to select 'Visible Cells
So now when you copy or delete, only the visible cells will be copied or
Ron de Bruin replied on 29-Sep-09 02:04 PM
Use the shortcut

Alt ;


Regards Ron de Bruin