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Asked By Preschool Mike on 15-Oct-09 01:48 PM
Can someone help me with some adjustments with this formula that I found in a
search?  I need the formula to average the last three entries in a row, which
it does...it even does an average if there are less than three.. which is
also what I want. But I get an error when there are zero numbers which is
what I want to get ride of.  I found two other suggestions in my search but I
cannot get them to work.

This one works perfectly except I get an error if there are no entries.  I
found the follow two formulas that claim to eliminate the problem but do not
seem to work:



Mike Mast
Special Education Preschool Teacher

Gary''s Student replied on 15-Oct-09 02:13 PM
Gary''s Student - gsnu200907
Preschool Mike replied on 15-Oct-09 04:28 PM
Still having trouble.  I get a message that says I have entered too many
arguments.  I have tried entering it exactly how you suggested but not having
any luck.

Here is my formula again

Here is the changes I made as you suggested.  I am sure I have done something
wrong, but what?


Mike Mast
Special Education Preschool Teacher
T. Valko replied on 15-Oct-09 09:44 PM
it is not real clear what you want to do.

Do you have 0s entered and you want to exclude those 0s from the average?
Are the numbers to average *always* poitive numbers?

Microsoft Excel MVP