Excel - How do I change the color of the cell pointer?

Asked By I Stevens on 22-Oct-09 01:44 PM
When I do a search of a particular entry, it is very difficult to identify
where the cell pointer is because it is in black and I have gridlines on my
spreadsheet.  Is there a way that I can change the color of the cell pointer
to help with quickly identifying the search result?

Bob I replied on 22-Oct-09 02:33 PM
Change the Color of the borders you applied.
Megan replied on 22-Oct-09 03:08 PM
Have you tried changing your pointer in the Control Panel then select Mouse
options.  There should be a tab to change your pointer.
If this has helped you, please click Yes

I Stevens replied on 22-Oct-09 03:49 PM
Unfortunately, its not the mouse pointer that I need to change.  Its the cell
pointer.  The cell pointer is the heavy outline that indicates which cell in
the worksheet is selected.  Right now the outline is in a dark black.
However, sometimes when I am doing a search I do not see it right away.  I
kind of have to visually search the worksheet to find where the cursor is at.
I Stevens replied on 22-Oct-09 04:05 PM
Are you stating that there is no way to change the color of the actual
cursor?  But it would be easier to just change the gridlines that I currently
have in place.
Bob I replied on 22-Oct-09 04:52 PM
Yes the "gridlines" you place on the sheet are called borders.
I Stevens replied on 27-Oct-09 12:27 PM
Thank you for your answer.  However, I have to disagree with you on the fact
that gridlines and borders are not exactly the same.  Gridlines are
automatically incorporated into all spreasheets which divides the spreasheet
into series of columns and rows.  Borders are not automatically incorporated
into the spreadsheets, yet is within the user's control to add borders to
darken the gridlines.  I know the difference.

My concern is having a way of changing the cell pointer or the cursor's
color to quickly identify its location.  If it is not possible than I will
make other arrangements to the actual spreadsheet as you previously suggested
in changing the color of the borders to my spreadsheet.

Thanks again for your help.
Bob I replied on 27-Oct-09 12:41 PM
Yes Gridlines and Borders are different. The way you referred to them
lead me to believe you had specifically placed borders on the sheet. You
may elect to show Gridlines or not, and and cell with fill will not
have them(they will be hidden). So use borders if you want some control
over   the appearance.