Excel - Change cell value result from "FALSE" to blank or zero

Asked By JG on 10-Dec-09 04:28 PM
I have the following IF statement written into this cell:


If cells N6, P6, R6 or T6 all have zeros written into them, cell E6 shows
the value "FALSE".  How can I have this cell have the value 0 under these

Fred Smith replied to JG on 10-Dec-09 04:35 PM
Like this:

David Biddulph replied to JG on 10-Dec-09 04:40 PM
David Biddulph
Paul C replied to JG on 10-Dec-09 04:43 PM

The last if IF(T6>=1,U6) was missing a value if false, adding the ,0 should
do the trick
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