Excel - Why does my mouse select multiple cells when I want one in Excel?

Asked By Peter on 29-Dec-09 09:56 AM
When I am left or right clicking a cell in Excel, it selects 3-4 cells in
lieu of the one I want.
How do I fix this?
I use a Logitech LX& Cordless mouse and this issue is only in Excel.

David Biddulph replied to Peter on 29-Dec-09 10:38 AM
Try F8 to toggle this mode of operation.
David Biddulph
excelent replied to Peter on 29-Dec-09 10:49 AM
try F8
Gord Dibben replied to Peter on 29-Dec-09 12:10 PM
Just 3 or 4 cells or does it continue to select more as you drag around?

If the latter hit the the F8 key to toggle out of Extended mode.

If the former, try setting your Zoom level up or down a few points.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP