Asked By Singforyou1954 on 15-Jan-10 11:10 AM
I have a large list of addresses, the addresses are broken down into a column
for the house number, column for the street direction, column for street
name, and a column for the street type (St, Rd, Pkwy...etc.).  What I need to
accomplish is to sort this list into even numbered properties ascending then
odd numbered properties ascending is there a way to do that or at the very
least can I identify using a formulae which are odd or which are even I would
only need to choose one value because obviously the other value is going to
be false.  The house number does not always have the same number of intergers.

Steve Yandl replied to Singforyou1954 on 15-Jan-10 11:52 AM
Use the 'mod' function.  If your address numbers are in column "A", then you
could place a formula like the following in some other column and drag it
down by the fill column.  The function returns the word "even" if the
corresponding value in A is even and odd if the value is odd.


Paul C replied to Singforyou1954 on 15-Jan-10 12:08 PM
Add a column for Even/Odd and use this formula

then you can use this as one of your sort drivers.

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