Excel - Using SUMIFS with date range

Asked By Catrina on 26-Jan-10 10:45 AM
I am trying to sum a column of cells if several criteria are met...1. equal
to specific customer name, 2. is greater than or equal to a beginning date
entered into a specific cell and 3. is less than or equal to an end date
entered into another specific cell.   I can get the formula to work if I use
the beginning and end dates in the SUMIFS formula, but I do not want to change
the formula each time I run the spread.  So I want to be able to data enter
the begin and end dates in certain cells (line in B1 and B2) so I only change
those dates to recalculate the totals.

Fred Smith replied to Catrina on 26-Jan-10 11:15 AM
Something like this:


Eduardo replied to Catrina on 26-Jan-10 11:26 AM
I assume you enter the customer name in A1, start day in B1 and finish day
in B2. then your information starts with customers name in cell A5, dates in
B5 and you want to summarize column C

Catrina replied to Fred Smith on 26-Jan-10 03:24 PM
Perfect.  Thank you!
Fred Smith replied to Catrina on 27-Jan-10 12:10 PM
You're welcome. Thanks for the feedback.