Excel - How do I set a pivot table to group quarterly reports by F/Y?

Asked By Mark on 03-Mar-10 11:31 AM
I am trying to set up a report in Excell using the pivot table function.  When
I use the "Group Field" function to generate a quarterly report it assigns
each quarter according to a calendar year which puts the Jan 2010 data in the
1st QTR and the Oct 2009 data in the 4th Quarter.  I want to change this so
it begins the 1st QTR in Oct.  Is there a way to change the way the pivot
table reads and organizes the data?

Roger Govier replied to Mark on 03-Mar-10 11:45 AM
Hi Mark

You can aggregate whatever months you want to Quarters manually.
Don't use Quarters in the Date Grouping, just use Month
Highlight the 3 months you want>Group and Outline>Group call it Quarter 1
Repeat for each of your other months
Roger Govier
Herbert Seidenberg replied to Mark on 03-Mar-10 05:32 PM
Excel 2007 PivotTable
Fiscal Year, Quarter
With source helper columns.