Excel - Claculating Annual Turnover forma Quarter

Asked By Caz H on 12-Mar-10 05:00 AM
Hi All
Does anyone know the formula to calculate the annual turnover rate based on
a current quarterly percentage???



Satyendra_Haldaur replied to Caz H on 12-Mar-10 05:36 AM
Formulae are presented in greater detail at time value of money.

In the formula below, i is the effective interest rate per period. FV and PV
represent the future and present value of a sum. n represents the number of

These are the most basic formula:

The above calculates the future value (FV) of an investment's present value
(PV) accruing at a fixed interest rate (i) for n periods.

The above calculates what present value (PV) would be needed to produce a
certain future value (FV) if interest (i) accrues for n periods.

The above calculates the compound interest rate achieved if an initial
investment of PV returns a value of FV after n accrual periods.

The above formula calculates the number of periods required to get FV given
the PV and the interest rate (i). The log function can be in any base, e.g.
natural log (ln)

[edit] Compound
Formula for calculating compound interest:
Caz H replied to Caz H on 12-Mar-10 05:48 AM

Thanks for your reply - unfortunately there is no formula showing in your


Fred Smith replied to Caz H on 12-Mar-10 11:43 AM
If you annual turnover is in A1, use:

Fred Smith replied to Fred Smith on 12-Mar-10 04:16 PM
Errata: If your quarterly turnover is in A1, use: