Excel - Gridlines won't show up in excel 2007

Asked By Bud on 15-Mar-10 12:39 PM

I am using excel 2007 and want the gridlines to show up for the excel
worksheet when it is printed (all 8 columns and a whole sheet of blank rows).

I already went to Page setup and SHEET and selected GRIDLINES. I also have
Draft quality unchecked.

It is ONLY printing the heading line(1st line) and NOT any other gridlines.

We want to use the spreadsheet to print the lines and fill in by pencil what
we want in the various columns and rows.

If we fill down a date in the first column rows it will print all the
gridlines in all the columsn for us to fill out all the information for every
row in which we included the date.............but we want to see all the
gridline columns and rows without filling in a date.

Thanks for any help

dlw replied to Bud on 15-Mar-10 12:57 PM
make it part of the print area
Highlight it, then File/Print Area/Set print area
Gord Dibben replied to Bud on 15-Mar-10 01:04 PM
A whole sheet of blank rows?

You sure you want to print that many pages?

Let's say you want to print A1:H100 with only row 1 having data(titles)

Pre-select A1:H100 and set that as your print range.


In H100 enter a space character.

Now Excel will see your print range as A1:H100

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Bud replied to dlw on 15-Mar-10 01:46 PM
I was hoping there would be something better than highlighting specific rows
and setting the print area.

We wanted to have it print gridlines for how many copies of the form or
blank column rows we wanted not a specific number of rows. We can do teh
specific number of rows with listing the date such as March and than letting
it just print the amount of column rows we have MARCH in. This is what we are
currently doing.

If we try and highlight all columns and rows it does not find anything to

Bud replied to Gord Dibben on 15-Mar-10 02:11 PM
Cool. that will work better.  Entering a  space where we want to stop!

Thanks. I posted YES this helped.
Bud replied to Gord Dibben on 15-Mar-10 02:16 PM
Hi Gord Dibben

If I set a space at 100 and than someone else wants 50 how do we reset to 50.

I tried to hit the delete key in 100 and than put a space in 50 but it still
took the 100

Gord Dibben replied to Bud on 15-Mar-10 02:45 PM
Unfortunately you must reset the used range on the sheet.

Excel is stupid when it comes to figuring out the used range.

Even though you deleted the space from H100, Excel still thinks that is end
of data.

Select entire rows 51 to 100 and delete these.

Now place your space in H50