Excel - syntax to concatenate two named ranges?

Asked By ker_01 on 22-Mar-10 01:17 PM
I need to graph two separate named ranges as a continuous data series. Example:

Series 1; "PastMonthActuals" = Sheet2("A1:A3")
Series 2; "Projections" = Sheet3("A4:A12")

I am not trying to graph these as separate series, I want it to all be one
In my real workbook these are dynamic ranges, but this simple example will

What is the best way (syntax) to set up a new named range that concatenates
the values so that I can feed it into my graph as one series of 12 points?
I have tried the obvious, such as: "AllPts" = PastMonthActuals & Projections

Thank you,

Luke M replied to ker_01 on 22-Mar-10 02:21 PM
You do not need/want to concatenate, as you really need the array of values,
not text. With your chart, you can combine source data by seperating ranges
with commas.

Values: =('Book1.xls'!PastMonthActuals,'Book1.xls'!Projections)

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Luke M
ker_01 replied to Luke M on 22-Mar-10 06:16 PM
Awesome, thanks Luke!