Excel - Can I calculate a single page ONLY?

Asked By dh13134 on 28-May-10 10:02 AM
Can I calculate a single sheet only, and disable calculation update on other
sheets? I have several sheets that take a few seconds (too long, in my case)
to re-calculate where I am running a macro  that plugs a value into a cell and
gets an answer, plugs another value in and gets an answer, etc. I'd like to
calculate only the sheet where  where the calculations are actually being
affected-I am not concerned with the other sheets.


Tom Hutchins replied to dh13134 on 28-May-10 10:53 AM
Excel 2003 & 2007 (at least!) have the option to calculate only the current
sheet. Calculation must be set to Manual first. In XL2007 select Formulas
ribbon >> Calculation section >> Calculate sheet. In XL2003 select Tools >>
Options >> Calculation tab >> Calc Sheet. In either version the VBA command


Hope this helps,