Excel - Pasting delimited text from clipboard directly into Excel Spreadsh

Asked By Anexceluse on 10-Feb-07 05:36 PM
Many a times I need to paste delimited text from other applications (UNIX
telnet sessions etc.) directly into an Excel Spreadsheet.
I select and copy the delimited text to the clipboard.
But when I try to paste or "paste special" in Excel, I do not see anyway I
can paste the delimited text into separate cells.
Instead, I end-up creating a delimited text file and then import the file
into a spreadsheet.
It would be great if Microsoft can provide a method to paste the delimited
text directly into a spreadsheet from the clipboard.
East Coast, USA

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Bernard Liengme replied on 10-Feb-07 05:47 PM
Have you tried: Data > Text to Columns ?

BTW this newsgroup is not staffed by Microsoft, only hosted by them
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
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Anexceluse replied on 10-Feb-07 08:57 PM
Thanks for the reply, Bernard.

That works better - but it involves two steps.
1. Pasting the text in a column and then
2. Data > Text to Columns

I was wondering if - (while pasting) I can tell Excel to use the delimiter
to place the text directly into columns.

East Coast, USA