Excel - How to collapse rows in Excel,leaving a plus sign to open/close

Asked By Exasperated and Requiring Assistanc on 11-Apr-07 09:04 PM
I know how to hide / show the rows, but how do it so as to leave a little
plus sign in the corner that allows me to control the number of rows to
expand / contract (and I know you can do it - I've seen it on other

Dave Peterson replied on 11-Apr-07 09:40 PM
Maybe you saw Data|subtotals in action--or Data|Group and Outline???

Both of these will show the outlining symbols to the left of the worksheet.


Dave Peterson
ExasperatedandRequiringAssistanc replied on 11-Apr-07 10:14 PM
Thanks mate - u r a deadset legend

My display name is now no longer "Exasperated and Requiring Assistance" but,

Much obliged ;)
Tom Atkins replied to Exasperated and Requiring Assistanc on 30-Aug-11 06:27 PM
I don't know what you want