Excel - How do I subtract one column from another?

Asked By jewel on 01-Oct-07 03:58 PM
I am trying to subtract columns in excel to get a third column with totals
automatically without having to subtract each row individually.

please help!!!

George Gee replied on 01-Oct-07 04:22 PM
Assuming data in columns A & B.
In cell C1 type:   =A1-B1

With cell C1 selected double-click on the fill handle, lower right of cell.

George Gee
Gord Dibben replied on 01-Oct-07 04:44 PM
Numbers in column A

Numbers in column B

In C1 enter   =A1-B1

Double-click on the fill handle of C1 to copy down.

OR maybe you need..........

In C1 enter  =SUM(A:A)-SUM(B:B) which will not need copying down.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

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dpizarro replied on 01-Oct-07 04:56 PM
if the first column is A and the Second B it will be in coulumn C this
get the formula active by typing =A1-B1 in Cell C1 enter select C1 and grab
the right
low courner of the cell C1, you should get a solid black cross, left click
and hold and drag down, this causes a relative copy of the formula. for mor
info and examples go to help files type relative copying.
Their is always a solution to any problem.
Rodrigo Ferreira replied on 01-Oct-07 05:02 PM
Try this:

The result is (A1-B1)+(A2-B2)+(A3-B3)+.....+(A200-B200)

Rodrigo Ferreira
Regards from Brazil