Excel - Simple Division

Asked By Mauric on 09-Oct-07 08:07 PM
Have no experience with formulas but thought I could at least create a
division function.  Have a number of bills I share.  I just want to create a
cell that takes the value from the cell next to it and divide by four.  Could
not find a simple division formula in excel 2003.  Much thanks for any

RagDyer replied on 09-Oct-07 08:20 PM
Say your individual bill total is in Column D, from D2 on down.

In E2, enter this formula:


Now click back in E2 to select it.

In the lower right hand corner of that selected cell you'll see a small
black square.
Hover your cursor over that square until it changes from a fat white cross
to a skinny black cross.
Then click and drag down as many rows as you think you'll need.
This *automatically* copies the formula for you, so that you don't have to
enter it yourself in each individual cell.



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