Excel - Why can't I add rows or columns on my worksheet?

Asked By mobead on 27-Jan-08 10:49 AM
I am on line 28 of my worksheet and , all of a sudden, I keep getting a
message saying :...excel cannot shift nonblank cells off worksheet...I am new
to PC use, so please  don't answer in computerese. Thanks

Nick Hodge replied on 27-Jan-08 11:43 AM
The root problem is that Excel believes that there is data in row 65536
and/or column IV, so that inserting rows or columns would move data off the

To stop this issue, highlight A1 and press Ctrl+End. Note where your cursor
ends up (we are presuming Z65000 for this demo, so adjust to where you end
up). now you look to see where your 'actual' data finishes. (again, we will
assume G256 for this demo).

Select rows 65000 to 257 (that is entire rows, not just the cells) and
right-click a row number that is selected and select 'delete'. Not
'clear'...DELETE. Now select columns H to Z and do the same for columns as
you did for rows. Remember DELETE, not clear. Now save the workbook. (Very

Now when you press Ctrl+End you should end up at G256 in our example and the
problem will have gone.

Nick Hodge
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Southampton, England
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