Excel - Compile error in hidden module: ThisWorkbook

Asked By Sliber on 18-May-08 06:47 PM
How to Correct the "Compile error in hidden module: ThisWorkbook"? When
opening Excel 2003, now, for whatever reason, I receive a dialog box,
immediately upon opening the program, with the message "Compile error in
hidden module:
ThisWorkbook" What needs to be done, to correct this??

Gord Dibben replied on 18-May-08 07:14 PM
Could be this error.

See KB article http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q307410

The PDFMaker.xla and maybe PDFMaker.dot are stored in your Office\XLSTART folder
or in the Excel\XLSTART folder.

Any files in these folders will open with Excel.

You must remove them from the XLSTART folder.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

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BillyLidde replied on 18-May-08 07:22 PM
I'm guessing that the error is in your Personal Workbook as this is hidden
and opened with Excel. Press Alt + F11 and see if you can see any macros then
Press Debug, Complile Vb Project

If you do not see any macros listed then Press Ctrl + R to view the Project
Explorer. Is there a Line VBProject(PERSONAL.XLS) then if necessary, click
the + Button to open the list and then try debugging each module in turn.

Good luck