Excel - Typing in cells: New Paragraph ??

Asked By Frustrated Word User on 21-Nov-08 11:41 AM
I am fairly new to Excel and this may be a very basic question, so I
thank you  in advance.

I would like to type in a single cell, and be able to start a new line
in that cell.  Usually this can be accomplished in every other program
by either pressing; return, enter, shift+enter, or (less than
sign)p(greater than sign).

How in the world can this be done in this mysterious Excel program??

I appreciate any help, as I have no idea how to even search for this



Frustrated Word User

Rick Rothstein replied on 21-Nov-08 01:17 PM
Try using Alt+Enter

Rick (MVP - Excel)
Frustrated Word User replied on 21-Nov-08 03:20 PM
Thank you Rick.

Have a fantastic weekend.  :)

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Frustrated Word User