Excel - Do Multiple Regression with VBA Code

Asked By Ke on 22-Feb-07 04:52 PM
I want to do a multiple regression through VBA code so I want to understand
the code structure.

I recorded a macro to do this, using Tools | Data Analysis | Regression,  I
filled in my Y and X ranges and the cell range to post the results, however
the code that resulted did not show any of the ranges in it.

When I ran this code it asked me firstly to imput the "Y" range, and when I
key this and rerun the macro, a message indicated that the range need to be a

Can anyone please help me with the line code to do the multiple regression?

Thanks KEN

merjet replied on 22-Feb-07 05:36 PM
Contiguous means adjacent.  The message suggests your X columns were
not adjacent. For example, with X1 and X2, their being in columns A &
B is fine, but A & C is not.

post_a_repl replied on 22-Feb-07 05:41 PM

It is not obvious from Help, but LINEST does multiple regression (the X
range must have a column for each estimated parameter other than the
intercept).  All output from the ATP regression tool is either reformatted
from LINEST or calculated from LINEST output.