Excel - Nested "If formula" - returns zero when reference cell is empty

Asked By twlov on 02-Mar-07 09:49 AM
In cell A I can have one of three things... a blank cell, a cell value
of zero or a cell value greater than zero.  Depending on which value
is in cell A1 I want the value in cell B1 to be the following:

A1 is greater than zero - B1 should =A1 plus 1

A1 is equal to zero - B1 should = 0

A1 is empty = B1 should be empty

Shown below is the nested "if formula' I wrote.  The problem is when
A1 is empty a zero is displayed in B1.  In this senario I want cell B1
to be blank.  I know I can suppress zero values from displaying but
that affects the whole woksheet and I don't want that.


okrob replied on 02-Mar-07 09:58 AM
Bob Phillips replied on 02-Mar-07 10:12 AM



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