Excel - Excel 2007Warning, "The following fetures cannot be saved in a macro-free workbook:

Asked By BobR on 07-Apr-07 01:01 AM
Hello, Office 2007 specifically Excel 2007 Win XP Proof
I'm getting a msg block while in Excel Microsoft Office

VB Project
To save a file with these features, click no, and then choose a macro -
enabled file type in the file type list.
To continue saving as a macro freee workbook, click yes.

I have no idea what it means and can't find a reference in any book. Could
someone let me to understand and how to activate macros in 2007
Thanks in advance

Gary Keramidas replied on 07-Apr-07 01:22 AM
you need to save the file as a different type, .xlsm.

XML file type Extension
Workbook .xlsx
Macro-enabled workbook .xlsm
Template .xltx
Macro-enabled template .xltm
Non-XML binary workbook .xlsb
Macro-enabled add-in  .xlam


BobR replied on 07-Apr-07 02:00 AM
Thanks Gary, WIll that still make the file work on 2003 and XP. I have been
saving the file as 97-2003 xls for compatability.
Darren Hill replied on 07-Apr-07 02:29 AM
If you've been saving as xls, I don't think you should be getting that
message. I get it when I save as .xlsx, but not .xls or .xlsm.


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Gary Keramidas replied on 07-Apr-07 02:43 AM
if you save it as an xls, you should not get that message, but you would lose
any of the new features in 2007, like some of the conditional formatting options
and the expanded rows and columns.

if you try saving as an xlsx, the 2007 default, you will get that message if you
have any macros.


BobR replied on 07-Apr-07 06:38 AM
Unfortunately I have to save as xls, and that's all I've been doing it with
because of other computers that I am working with. I get this message on the
97-2003 saving of the xls worksheet and I've got a lot of macros in it. I'll
have to do some more homework, thanks so much guys and girls..
Jim Rech replied on 07-Apr-07 01:30 PM
I agree<g>.  Echoing what Darren and Gary said, I have saved workbooks plenty
of times in the xls, 97-03, format with no macro warning.

SteveDB replied on 05-Jun-07 12:26 PM
If you're still having this issue, go to the office button at the upper left
corner of the Excel program window.
Click on the "Excel Options" button at the bottom of that pop-up. It will
then open another window. Look for "Trust Center" at the left side. Click on
that, and work your way through that.
You'll then look for "Trust Center Settings."
Click on that, and you'll find where you can disable, or enable your macros
to work in all, or only certain workbooks.
This should resolve your problems.
Pavan Kotharu replied to SteveDB on 20-May-10 10:41 AM
Hi Steve,

Thanks, Your suggestion worked for me.