Excel - File size Limit in Excel 2003

Asked By Sa on 13-Jun-07 06:23 PM
I have a huge amount of data (more than 25 Mb) that I need to keep in an
Excel-2003 file. I am going to add 25 Mb of data to this file every month.

Is there a limit to the file size in Excel-2003?
At what file size can you expect a degradation in the performance on a 1.5
GHz processor with 512 MB RAM?
Is there a limit to the number of work sheets that can be created in


JLGWhi replied on 13-Jun-07 09:17 PM
The worksheets have a limit based on the number of cells 256 x 65536 @ 156
characters per cell.  But you could use many worksheets.  However, I think I
would look to something like Access, or another db type to store large
amounts of data and just pull it out to Excel as needed.
FSt replied on 13-Jun-07 09:43 PM
the answer to both of your questions is "limited by available system
meaning how big is your hard drive, memory ect. in your case with 512mb
memory, i would consider doubling it.
but i do like  JLGWhiz's suggestion. assess would allow for better
managablity potential. you may have to do some coding, forming and querying
but the potential for better data management is greater than in excel. when
your data get that big, you may not have exceeded excel's limits but you may
exceed the human limit to manage with excel.