Excel - Grouping Checkboxes in a UserForm

Asked By Otto Moehrbach on 13-Sep-07 12:26 PM
Excel XP & Win XP
I'm trying to learn how to make a group of checkboxes in a UserForm mutually
exclusive (can check only one).
Looking in Help, it says to assign the same group name, in Properties, to
each checkbox.  So I made up a simple UserForm with only 3 checkboxes and
one OK button, and assigned the same group name to each, "TheGroup".
Apparently I'm missing something because I can check all 3 boxes.
How do I make the 3 boxes mutually exclusive?  Thanks for your time.  Otto

TomOgilv replied on 13-Sep-07 12:34 PM
That works for optionbuttons, but there is no support for this in Checkboxes
that I am aware of.  You would have to use the click event and write code to
perform that functionality.

Tom Ogilvy
Otto Moehrbach replied on 13-Sep-07 03:40 PM
Thanks Tom.  Learning never ends.  Otto