Excel - Count if begins with AAA

Asked By Neal on 18-Sep-07 12:14 PM
I am wondering if I can this

search a row and return a numeric representation of cells in that row that
start with the letters "www"

Thanks in advance

JW replied on 18-Sep-07 12:36 PM
You can use a CountIf formul for that.  This will count all cells
within row 11 that starts with "www".

If you want to do a column, then:
Mike replied on 18-Sep-07 12:38 PM

Right click the sheet tab, view code and paste this in.
Select the row you want to search and run this:-

Sub sonic()
Dim myRange As Range
Set myRange = Selection
For Each c In myRange
If UCase(Left(c.Value, 3)) = "WWW" Then Count = Count + 1
MsgBox Count
End Sub