Excel - hash value of range

Asked By christian_spaceman on 30-Nov-07 06:03 AM
Hi all,

Simple question. Is it possible to make a hash value (is that the
correct phrase?!) of a range of cells in vba?

Suppose I had the following ranges:



I want to be able to create unique number which describes each of
these ranges. In the case above, I cannot just sum the ranges as they
would not be uniquely described (i.e. the sum of each range is three,
yet the ranges are different). Ultimately the hash value will be used
to see if any cell in a range has changed since the time the last
document was saved.

I know that it would be quite easy to write a custom function to do
this which takes the range as a parameter - I just wanted to cehck to
see whether there was a native excel / vba one before doing this, as
neither the help google have offered one yet...

Many thanks,


Jim Rech replied on 27-Nov-07 08:57 AM
I imagine creating guaranteed unique hash totals of ranges is a science unto
itself.  For my part I just read ranges into arrays going in and compare the
array and range on exit.

christian_spaceman replied on 30-Nov-07 06:03 AM
Agree that might be easier (though I've got a *lot* of rows and cells
to check) - was just wondering if there was an excel function out
there that would do this in one go.

Thanks for replying