Excel - System Error &H8007007E (-2147024770) The specified module could n

Asked By Stee on 27-Nov-07 09:36 AM

I have been using a excell sheet with out any problem for several month, but
suddenly one member in the group can't save the excell file. He get's the
following message:


Followed by a message: "Out of memory".

Can anyone help me out here?

They are all running Excell 2003 SP2


JLGWhi replied on 27-Nov-07 09:48 AM
Check his hard drive status for disc space.  Also check his application open
and workbook open events for autorun macros or change event macros that might
be firing repetitively.  Shut the system down before doing the checks, and do
the checks before trying to open the particular file.  Then do the checks
again after opening the file.  This might lead you to the problem area.
bUnc replied on 27-Nov-07 10:06 AM
Same error for me earlier, strange eh....
Mine was just a simple frmUserForm1.Show code, i produced the same error
after playing around a bit.
You dont work in Brighton by any chance?
Stee replied on 27-Nov-07 03:19 PM
Hi JLGWhiz

Thanks for you answer - I will for sure try this tommorrow.

Would it be possible to give me a little more information on how to check
his "application open and workbook open events for autorun macros" - I'm not
sure how to do that.

I have an event macro that migth be the problem, but it's just strange that
is this is then not a problem to the other users.

Stee replied on 19-Dec-07 05:46 AM
Hi again

I have now tried the below without any luck.

1. There is 50% free diskspace and memory
2. Comment out eventmacros and open macros: This did make a change, but the
messages showed up again when saving :-(
3. Don't use macros at all - ok, but then the idee behind the sheet is gone
4. 7 other people have no problem in using the excel sheet - strange!
5. I have updated the machine with latest updates for XP and Office 2003.
Jean-Yves replied on 19-Dec-07 06:35 AM

Isn't there a missing dll (Tool?reference), different installation or
missing add-in ?
Stee replied on 19-Dec-07 07:34 AM
Hi Jean-Yves

Thanks for your quick reply :-)

I will try to check that tomorrow - unfortunately my son has become sick

I will give you a note on wehter it solved the problem
Stee replied on 14-Jan-08 07:31 AM
Hi again Jean Yves

Sorry for the deleay - but the person who had the problem has been on
vacation. We have now tried all your suggestions, but unfortunatuly without
any luck.

Our IT department is now on the issue...

Any other suggestions?
deepak sharma replied on 26-Mar-08 10:16 AM
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