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Asked By Richar on 06-Dec-07 03:26 AM

I am using the fantastic code as supplied by Ron De Bruin an extract of what
I am using is

With OutMail
.From = strfrm
.To = strto
.CC = strcc
.BCC = strbcc
.Subject = "subject"
.Body = strbody
.Attachments.Add "attached file"
'or use

As my colleagues and I are able to send emails from ourselves, or any
department mailbox that we are permissioned to, I had thought/hoped that my
addition of .From would work wonders.

This is not working.

Is there a way to add the senders/from email address?

Thanks in advance

Dea replied on 06-Dec-07 08:14 AM
.From is not a valid argument... Outlook will attach the account email
address as from automatically.  It will not show up on an email until it is
actually sent, so if you use the .display or .save arguments you will not see
a from on the email yet.

If I am not mistake, this is a security feature, it would be a bad thing if
someone could automate email to be sent on your behalf but make it look like
it is coming from somone else.

That is my knowledge, I have been working with Outlook and Excel for some
time and the one thing I still cannot get to work properly is to get excel to
open outlook if it is not currently opened.

I hope that helps.

Ron de Bruin replied on 06-Dec-07 10:59 AM
Read the tip page


Regards Ron de Bruin