Excel - Last Save Time, Function not updating in cell

Asked By bassman6 on 03-Mar-08 11:51 AM
Using WinXP Pro and Excel 2007;
I have the following UDF in a code module of a workbook

Function LSDate()
LSDate = Application.Caller.Parent.Parent. _
BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time").Value
End Function

Cell A1 =LSDate()
The display date and time in the cell displays correctly when first the
formula is first entered but it does not update unless I re-enter the formula.
Automatic calculation is turned on. I've tried manually recalculating the
I've tried closing and reopening the worksheet.
Any suggestions as to how I can get the cell to update automatically?
Thank you.

Dave Peterson replied on 03-Mar-08 11:58 AM
You could add a line at the top of the function:

Function LSDate()

And then your UDF will recalculate whenever excel recalculates.  That means that
you still may need to recalc before you believe the value in that cell.


Dave Peterson
Peter T replied on 03-Mar-08 12:08 PM
Try this


Should update when the file opens  Might need F9 after saving and keeping
the file open.

Peter T

bassman6 replied on 03-Mar-08 12:30 PM
Thanks Dave!
It works fine now.