Excel - Interpreting Correlation result

Asked By Elija on 09-Apr-08 06:56 PM
I need information on how I can interprete the result gotten from correlation.

Basically what I am doing is to compare two data sets in two column.

I got the following result when I used correlation data analysis tool in

Column 1	Column 2
Column 1	1
Column 2	6.77675E-15	1

Any feedbacks would hopefully be helpful.

Mike Middleton replied on 10-Apr-08 03:24 PM
Elijah  -

The values "1" on the diagonal indicate that each variable is perfectly
correlated with itself.

The value "6.77675E-15," i.e., 6.77675*(10^(-15)), indicates that the
correlation between Column 1 and Column 2 is essentially zero.

This is the same result you get with the CORREL worksheet function.

-  Mike Middleton
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