Excel - Vba to go to another sheet in same workbook

Asked By Mal on 17-Apr-08 07:37 PM
hi i need to use code to move to a different sheet in a woorkbook. i can do
this by using assign hyperlink to a shape object...but i want to also have
some code that does something in the new sheet when this object is clicked.

i've tried assign hyperlink and then assign a macro to the same object..in
that case the hyperlink works byt the macro doesnt seem to work. which is why
ifigured if i could put the hyperlionk in the code then both will work.

any help would be much appreciated.

GarysStuden replied on 17-Apr-08 07:44 PM
Don't bother to put a hyperlink in the VBA.  If you are already in the macro,
then just:


will take you to a new sheet as easily as the hyperlink would.
Gary''s Student - gsnu200779
Mal replied on 17-Apr-08 08:59 PM
great thx worked perfectly!!!!