Excel - Application.CutCopyMode = False

Asked By Simon on 15-Aug-08 10:28 PM
Does this only need to occur once in a module/macro?


Susan replied on 15-Aug-08 10:28 PM
it needs to occur anytime you are cutting / copying / pasting & you
want the "marching ants" marquee to go away.
JLGWhi replied on 13-Aug-08 11:36 AM
If you are doing a series of cut, copy, paste or insert then you can put the
Application.CutCopyMode = False after the last one.  As Susan pointed out, it
makes the marching ants go away from the last copy range if you used the
Select method to copy the range.  If you use the direrect copy method like:

Worksheets(1).Range("A1").Copy Worksheets(2).Range("B5")

Then the marching ants don't show up.

If you are using PasteSpecial, you will need to turn the CutCopyMode off
after you have finished all of your copy actions.  The number of times that
it is used is up to the programmer, but generally speaking, it is only
required after all copy processes are finished.
James_Thomlinso replied on 13-Aug-08 11:53 AM
finished"... You are better off to cancel the copied section each time. If
you don't and something goes wrong then you could end up by pasting the wrong
info without the code letting you know that the error occured. Usually that
kind of thing happens  when you make code changes that mess up your copy
actions... It is just one of those fail safes that makes things a bit less
prone to doing bad things...

Jim Thomlinson