Excel - How to force Excel wkbk to close

Asked By JoAn on 29-Sep-08 12:52 PM
I'm looking for a way to force a workbook to close when a user forgets to
close it. I have found & tried a few postings in this site that set a timer &
close if the user does not respond to an "are you still there" prompt.

They work fine unless the user did not exit the cell.  I've been told that
there is no way to force the user out of edit mode. If I can't force that so
the last change can be saved in the cell, is there any way to force the
workbook to close anyway?

I would prefer not to force the application to quit since I don't know what
else they may have open at that time. But we can afford to lose the cell
entry to our own workbook if that is what it would take to close it.



James_Thomlinso replied on 29-Sep-08 01:15 PM
The short answer is no. While the cell is in edit mode no code can possibly
run. If no code can run then there is no automated way to close the book (or
the application).

Jim Thomlinson
JoAn replied on 29-Sep-08 01:24 PM
Ok ... thanks