Excel - Format font of text in a message box

Asked By JM on 10-Oct-08 08:44 AM
I have a message box created, but can't seem to set the font or formatting of
different parts of the text.

eg. I want the message to read:
Don't forget {in bold}
1. wash your face {in standard font}
2. clean your teeth {in standard font}

I can get the line breaks etc, but not the changing formatting.
Any suggestions?

JLGWhi replied on 10-Oct-08 08:56 AM
Sorry, that cannot be done in the standard message box.  However, you can
create a form with a label on it and format the text of the label very
easily.  Then use the UserForm.Show method to display the label as a pop up
JM replied on 10-Oct-08 09:11 AM
Ok, thanks for the info (and the quick response).
RDFischer replied on 10-Oct-08 09:55 PM

There is a VBA function that permits addressing individual characters...

With Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")
.Value = "abcdefg"
.Characters(3, 1).Font.Bold = True
End With

You could construct a string and copy it to a cell, then address individual
characters as shown using the Characters function which enables one to set
size, font, color, bold, underline, etc.

JLGWhi replied on 10-Oct-08 11:06 PM
Won't work in a standard message box.  It has built in font that cannot be
changed without accessing the source code for the MsgBox function, and that
is beyound the scope of VBA.