Excel - remove duplicates, keeping latest dated record

Asked By Steve on 12-Nov-08 10:14 AM

I have an XL dbs with approx 7000 records in it. These are a list of
people who have attended training - many of the names and addresses
are duplicated, but column AF contains a date. I need to be able to
remove (or flag) duplicates, but keep the latest dated record for each
person (so we have their most recent address).

So basically I want to keep the most recently dated record for each
person, flagging others as 'old'

Any ideas would be welcome.

I can look at this in either XL2002 or XL 2007, so whichever has the
best feature to solve this.



GarysStuden replied on 12-Nov-08 10:43 AM
1. Sort the data first by name then by date (descending)

This will leave you with the data organized by name.  So all the Steve
Poster records will be in a contiguous block.  Also the first record in the
Steve Poster block will have the most recent date.

2. Create a simple VLOOKUP() table to pull the data.  If we VLOOKUP Steve
Poster we will get the first matching recored, which will also be the most
recent data.

A tiny trick, but it should work.

Gary''s Student - gsnu200813
Steve replied on 12-Nov-08 11:44 AM
Hey thanks for that - it worked a treat.