Excel - highlight row if cell value equal zero

Asked By amanda on 10-Jan-09 09:50 PM
I am trying to use conditional formatting to highlight a row if value
in column E = 0.

I have tried highlighting the row and the selecting:

Format-Conditional Formating

Formula is =IF($E67=0)

then selcted color I would like to appear if formula is true.

But, it's not working.

Any ideas?


Bob Phillips replied on 09-Jan-09 01:38 PM
Just use



xlsmat replied on 09-Jan-09 01:53 PM
Hi Amanda

Try the following for highlighting the entire row

1. Select on the row/s you want to hightlight
2. Go to Format and select Conditional Formatting
3. Choose FORMULA IS under Condition 1
4. Enter this formula =$E67=0
5. Click on Format >> Go to Pattern choose the color you want
6. Click Ok out all the way and you are done


Assuming that you want the range A67:E67 highlighted when cell E67=0

Select the row A67:E67
Goto Format>Conditional Formatting
Select the Formula Is option
Enter this formula in the box on the right:


Click the Format button
Select the color you want
OK out

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Thank You

cheers, francis