Excel - Difference between xlSheetHidden and xlSheetVeryHidden

Asked By gimme_this_gimme_tha on 03-Mar-09 11:18 PM
When you are in the Properties Window and you have clicked on a

What's the difference between xlSheetHidden and xlSheetVeryHidden ?

Bernard Liengme replied on 02-Mar-09 03:38 PM
I believe that a sheet hidden by xlSheetHidden can be unhidden by a user
working within the Excel interface. But one that is 'very hidden' needs VBA
to unhide it. Its like 'secret' and 'top secret' <grin>
Do a simple experiment to check my memory!
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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Ron de Bruin replied on 02-Mar-09 03:38 PM
You can unhide it in the userinterface

You can only change it in the properties or with VBA


Regards Ron de Bruin
P replied on 02-Mar-09 03:47 PM
xlSheetHidden is the "normal" hidding of the sheet
xlSheetVeryHidden is hidden even directly inExcel. The only to show this
sheet is through VBA.