Excel - Excel workbooks and programming upward compatible?

Asked By Stev on 06-Aug-09 12:16 AM
I have application workbooks created in Excel 2003 for the individual use of
multiple people.  One or two users have Excel 2007, and more may be up
switching (I hesitate to use "upgrading").  There are buttons which process
data and do other things.  However not all things work correctly in Excel
2007.  Are there known issues, service packs, or references that need to be
added to Excel 2007 to make it backward compatible?  Where can I find that
info?  Or is it problematic programming?

One issue is that worksheet protection does not turn back on at the end of a
macro after being turned off at the beginning.

Peter T replied on 06-Aug-09 05:25 AM
In theory most code written in previous versions should work in Excel 2007.
Unfortunately there is a lot that may need to be modified and I do not know of
a single resource that tell you all you need to know. Afraid it means
thoroughly testing in 2007 until it works.

That does not occur automatically in any version

Peter T
Stev replied on 06-Aug-09 10:01 PM
So if there is no single resource of upgrade issue info, do you have any
resource suggestions at all?

I know that worksheet protection off/on is not automatic in macro
processing, and I have it in the code (off at beginning of macro, on at the
end) and no problem in Excel 2003.  However in 2007 it does not always turn
back on.