Excel - VBA function to check if a string has valid spelling

Asked By Edward on 21-Oct-09 03:15 PM
I have a word generator that creates various combinations of letters
but I only want to process words that would pass a spell check.  Is
there a VBA function that can operate on a string to check its
spelling?  I want this to be totally automated, not the CheckSpelling
method that brings up a dialog on misspelled words.  I want to skip
misspelled words, not correct them.

JP replied on 21-Oct-09 03:15 PM
The Application.CheckSpelling method returns True if the word is found
in Excel's dictionary, False otherwise.


Note that you have to use Application.CheckSpelling, the other
variations will bring up the dialog box.

Edward replied on 21-Oct-09 03:15 PM
Bingo!  Thanks.
JP replied on 21-Oct-09 05:27 PM
You're welcome!