Excel - How do I create a list of sequential times?

Asked By Scarlin3 on 08-Jan-10 09:56 PM
I need to create a list of start times for groups in a competition. The first
group goes on at 3:00pm. The next group goes on 8 minutes later, the next 8
minutes after that, and so on.  It seems this should be a simple formula but
I cannot figure it out!  Thanks for any help!


J_Knowles replied to Scarlin3 on 08-Jan-10 10:09 PM
In cell A2 place 3:00:00 PM
In cell A3 place 3:08:00 PM

Highlight A2:A3, autofill down the sheet for about 25-30 rows (with A2:A3
hightlighted autofill by placing the mouse in the lower right corner &
dragging down).

Data Hog
Roger Govier replied to Scarlin3 on 09-Jan-10 06:01 AM

Excel stores time as fractions of a day.
Minutes in a day = 24*60 = 1440 so 8 minutes would be 8/144
In cell A1 enter 3:00
in B1=A1+8/1440 and copy down as required
Roger Govier

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Charabeuh replied to Scarlin3 on 09-Jan-10 01:01 PM

in A1 put 15:00
in A2 put the formula =A1+"00:08"

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