Excel - Calendar Control 12.0 - Missing

Asked By Trefor on 21-Jan-10 01:41 PM
I am really confused. I am trying to upgrade my Workbook from 2003 to 2007. I
was using the MS calendar ???Calendar Control 11.0??? and has been working fine.
When I open this file in 2007 I went looking for the reference to ???Calendar
Control 12.0???, but I could not find it.

I have spent hours today looking through the web with the following hits:

1. A comment from someone saying it was dropped in 2007, but I have found
references on Microsoft???s web site to ???Calendar Control 12.0???.

2. Various instructions on how to find it, no joy.

3. Web sites saying you can just download mscal.ocx, register it, restart
Excel, etc. BUT its still not there as a reference.

4. Another comment from someone saying it gets installed with Access 2007,
which I have.

So does it exist or not in Excel 2007?

My code is distributed, so I was hoping to be able to use a MS tool that is
likely to already exist on other users machines.


Ron de Bruin replied to Trefor on 21-Jan-10 01:55 PM

Excel 97-2007
It is possible you do not see it in the list, because it is installed with Access.
So if you do not have that program installed you possible do not have the control.
You can download the control if you do not have it (See link on the bottom of this page).


Regards Ron de Bruin