Excel - File not saving

Asked By Michelle on 25-May-10 03:04 AM
I am trying to save another (differently named) version of my file whenever
I save.

It works fine if I use the normal save, but if the save is triggered from
the Before_Close event, it just skips over the following line...

ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=CurrPath & "\" & CurrName

in debug, it finds the line (it goes yellow), it does not generate any
errors, but it steps through the line without doing any saving

The CurrPath and CurrName variables do contain valid text

Why is it not saving?



Jacob Skaria replied to Michelle on 25-May-10 03:19 AM

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
Cancel = True
ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=CurrPath & "\" & CurrName
End Sub

Jacob (MVP - Excel)
Jacob Skaria replied to Jacob Skaria on 25-May-10 03:24 AM
Oops...Disable the events and then save as..

Application.EnableEvents = False
ThisWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=CurrPath & "\" & CurrName
Application.EnableEvents = True

Jacob (MVP - Excel)
Dave Peterson replied to Michelle on 25-May-10 07:25 AM
Take a look at VBA's help for .SaveCopyAs

It sounds like that may be more appropriate for you.


Dave Peterson