Excel - How do I view multiple worksheets on different monitors?

Asked By S.M. Sullivan on 18-Aug-09 03:47 PM
I have two worksheets open and I have two monitors on my desk. I want to view
one worksheet on one monitor and the other worksheet on the second monitor.
In this case, the worksheets are in different workbooks, but they could
sometimes be in the same workbook.

My Excel option is already set to show all windows in the task bar. I used
the same setting in Word and it enabled me to move one document to view on a
monitor and the other document to be viewed on a second monitor. The ability
to view the documents on different monitors makes managing them much easier.
It would be nice to have the same feature available for Excel worksheets.

Gord Dibben replied on 18-Aug-09 04:36 PM
See Chip Pearson's site for instructions on viewing on multiple monitors.


Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP