Excel - Variable Cell Range Reference

Asked By Ke on 12-Aug-07 12:48 PM
How do I refer to a range of values when one component is a variable? For
instance, lets say I want the MAX value of the cells from cell A5 to A(6+x)
where x is a variable ... if x=4 then I would be finding the MAX value in the
cells from A5 to A10. How do I structure this formula in Excel?

Topper replied on 12-Aug-07 01:22 PM
one way:


B1 contains number of rows to be included: for your example it would be 6
(A5 to A10 inclusive)
Rick Rothstein \(MVP - VB\) replied on 12-Aug-07 01:32 PM
This should work...


where I stored your "variable" in cell X1.

T. Valko replied on 12-Aug-07 02:35 PM
A non-volatile approach.

If you want to use that logic:


Where B1 = your variable

Or, you could change this logic A(6+x) and instead use the actual row number
you're interested in:

So, if B1 = 4, then 6+B1 = 10

Instead, make B1 = 10


Note that using this approach if B1 is empty the formula will return the max
from the entire column A.

Microsoft Excel MVP