Asked By Jerry on 06-Sep-07 11:59 PM
Can I compose a VLOOKUP formula that looks left instead of right.  I have
data in C10 and want to go left 4 cells and get that data.  Can this be
done.  I don't think so but I'm no expert in VLOOKUP.

T. Valko replied on 07-Sep-07 12:21 AM
VLOOKUP works from left to right.

4 cells left of C10? There aren't 4 columns to the left of column C.

You can use something like this:


Microsoft Excel MVP
Alan Beban replied on 07-Sep-07 10:40 AM
If the functions in the freely downloadable file at
http://home.pacbell.net/beban are available to your workbook, you might
want to consider the VLookupLeft function.

Alan Beban