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Asked By Janie on 14-Sep-07 08:12 AM
I've got a purchase order (pre Excel 2002) which was designed to assign an
automatic number everytime the template was opened and for ages I have tried
to get it to work again now we are using Excel 2003, but when I try to run
the macro I get a message that reads

behaviour.  Please load this add-in into your Library directory".

The problem is I can fine this add-in anywhere... Can anyone help PLEASE!!!
It's driving me insane.

Gord Dibben replied on 14-Sep-07 04:49 PM
The numbering add-in TMPLTNUM.XLA is normally installed with Excel 2000.

Newer versions of Excel do not come with the add-in.

If you cannot find that file on your computer of install from CD then you can
pick up a copy here.


It is the 97 version but I use it on 2003 with no problems.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

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Janie replied on 18-Sep-07 05:40 AM
Thanks for replying, but unfortunately it has not helped.  Purchase order
still will not assign automatic numbering. :(
Gord Dibben replied on 19-Sep-07 04:07 PM
Did you download and install the Numbering add-in?

Does it get loaded in Tools>Add-ins when you open the PO template?

Does the Toolbar appear but do nothing when you click on "Assign a number"?

Was the PO template the one from Spreadsheet Solutions that was installed with
Excel 2000?

If you still have difficulty, please email me the PO template and I'll see what
I can do.

I recently fixed up a poster who needed the numbering add-in for his Excel 2000
Invoice template

There may(will) be some Registry editing and a bit of macro editing in the PO
and numbering add-in.


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