Excel - Can you sort by most to least often recurring number in Excel?

Asked By Jill on 18-Sep-07 02:50 PM
I know there is a Mode formula to find the most often recurring number, but
can I build on that and sort the list to have the most often recurring number
at the top and least often at the bottom and vice versa?

GarysStuden replied on 18-Sep-07 02:56 PM
Just use a "helper" column:

If your values are in A1 thru A100, then in B1 enter:

=COUNTIF(A$1:A$100,A1) and copy down

Then sort the pair of columns by column B descending
Gary''s Student - gsnu200745
Jill replied on 18-Sep-07 03:36 PM
Thank you Gary''s Student!! I was using a helper column, but the =log
formula, and I could not quite get it right. This is great! Thanks!!