Excel - Absolute value with a quick formula / shortcut?

Asked By Dere on 27-Sep-07 01:40 PM
Is there a way to have the absolute value be in your excel formula besides
going back into the formula and putting in the $ signs?

I am looking for a way when I  type = then click on a cell - say A1 to have
the formula be =$A$1 rather than=A1 and having to edit the formula

Any suggestions - is there a shortcut key for this maybe?

T. Valko replied on 27-Sep-07 01:52 PM
Not sure it's much of a shortcut....

In the formula bar you can highlight the cell/range references and then hit
function key F4 and the references will toggle from absolute to mixed to

Microsoft Excel MVP
Gord Dibben replied on 27-Sep-07 01:58 PM
As you enter, select cell address with mouse in formula bar and hit F4 key to
toggle through the options.

i.e.   =a2     select the a2 and F4 then * a3  select the a3 and F4 then ENTER

will give you  =$A$2*$A$3 or whatever you chose by cycling through the options.

Or do the F4 on the entire formula after Entering it.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP

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Mark Lincoln replied on 27-Sep-07 04:09 PM
To expand a bit on the other suggestions....

After you click on a cell to add it to your formula, press F4
immediately after; you do not need to highlight the cell name.  This
will change the relative reference to an absolute reference as you
described.  (Pressing F4 more than once will step through the various
combinations of absolute and relative references for the row and

Mark Lincoln